Organizational Psychologist & International Negotiation Consultant

Yasmin Davidds is an Organizational Psychologist, International Negotiation Consultant and Executive Coach.As one of the top leading Latina negotiation experts in the U.S. and Latin America, Dr. Davidds has trained and counseled over 2,000 corporate leaders in over 200 blue chip companies throughout 22 countries in the art and skill of negotiation. Her clients have ranged from senior judges to tribal leaders, from unionized prison guards to accountants, and from railroad officials to diplomatic trainees. Her practical experience includes a wide range of public and private sector efforts in Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, England, France, Spain, South Africa and the U.S. She has helped lead intervention and assistance programs to disputing parties and has advised corporate, non-profit and governmental teams on how to prepare for important negotiations.

Some of her most powerful negotiating lessons which she articulates in her popular and prevailing keynote presentations are:

-Speak the intellectual and emotional language of the other party
-Regardless of the odds, do not doubt your chance at success
-Be prepared
-Project confidence
-Do not be coerced into making unnecessary compromises and/or concessions

As a Hispanic Market Consultant for U.S. and Latin America Fortune 500 Companies, Yasmin trains company executives how to proactively utilize cause-related public relation strategies to attract Hispanic consumers. With her diversity expertise in the area of heightening awareness and creating levels of comfort when working with Hispanic markets, she has assisted clients in creating astounding goodwill with the Hispanic community. She has developed internal/external marketing programs, implemented Hispanic recruitment and retention programs, and advised clients on how to develop strategic partnerships with Hispanic grassroots organizations.

Leveraging her Mainstream Hispanic Market expertise and California English and Spanish media relationships, she strategically positions brands with Hispanic causes community causes. By accessing her resources within national and local Hispanic organizations, Yasmin develops brand associations between her clients and Hispanic initiatives. She has developed strategic partnerships with many elite corporations such as: Chrysler Corporation, MTV, Ford Motors, Simon & Schuster Publishing, Nordstrom, Proctor and Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Boeing, and many more. Yasmin has represented L’EGGS (the hosiery company) as their brand evangelist in their national campaign “Shape Your Future” and has served as Proctor & Gamble’s spokesperson during their national “Totalmente Latina” public relations and empowerment tour.

Best-Selling Author & Women Empowerment Specialist

Dr. Yasmin Davidds is an international best-selling author, women empowerment specialist, television talk-show host, radio personality and self-help guru in both English and Spanish markets within the U.S. and Latin America. Recognized and highlighted as one of the top Leading Latinas by Hispanic Magazine and also as one of the most influential Latinas in the book by acclaimed author Silvia Mendoza “The Book of Latina Women: 149 Vidas of Passion, Strength and Success”;Yasmin delivers through her inspirational speeches a simple but profound message: “People will only treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. If you want others to respect you, begin by respecting yourself first. That means standing up for yourself and not allowing anyone to mistreat you in any way.”

The groundbreaking Empowering Latinas: Breaking Boundaries, Freeing Lives, Yasmin’s internationally best-selling book, along with her self-help system, The 7 Principles to Self-Love and Personal Freedom, have been dedicated to the empowerment of women and are used as reference books in universities nationwide. To continue cementing Yasmin as an expert in women issues, she signed an agreement with Atria Books (division of Simon and Schuster) to publish “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER: How to Reclaim It, Use It and Keep It To Get What You Deserve” and“YOU GO GIRL: Give Your Daughters the Tools To Be Powerful Women”. Yasmin has served as an empowerment expert and media spokesperson for top tier companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Bayer Pharmaceutical, AOL Latino and Sara Lee.Recently, she received the highest honor of being selected and featured as one of the 150 Most Prominent Latino Writers and Journalists of All Times.

Yasmin broke ground when she hosted her own television talk show, “You Go Girl!” in which she addressed issues and gave powerful solutions to challenges affecting all women. Yasmin has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including NBC Evening News and L.A.’s number one radio station, Power 106. She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper publications including La Opinión, People en Español and Latina Magazine.

Focusing on her expertise in the area of women empowerment, she has conducted hundreds of presentations in some of the nation’s most prestigious universities including Stanford, Harvard, University of Southern California (USC) and many others.Yasmin’s commitment to the empowerment of women and the Latino community has brought her recognition and acclaims from the U.S. Congress, the California State Senate and the California State Assembly.

A graduate of USC with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Yasmin went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Women Studies and her doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology. In an effort to incorporate a multi-faceted approach to her studies, she attended the University of Cambridge in Great Britain, where she studied gender roles in a variety of ethnic groups. Since 1989, Yasmin has counseled tens of thousands of individuals, from junior high school to corporate level, acting as an advisor, coach and mentor. Yasmin served on the Board of Directors for HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political quality), and is a graduate of their HOPE Latina Leadership Institute. She also served as an influential member of the San Diego State University Associated Council, the SDSU Finance Board, and the SDSU Associated Executive Committee. As a member of the Board of Directors of the USC Mexican-American Alumni Association, Yasmin was instrumental in providing Latino/a student with over one million dollars in scholarships. In her role as a director for Los Angeles leading radio station Power 106’s Knowledge is Power Foundation, Yasmin identified pertinent issues affecting the Latino/a community and developed programming to address what matters most.

Beyond her experiences as the daughter of Latino immigrants, raised in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood East of Los Angeles, Yasmin has done extensive research on how cultural messages effect the the psyche of women. Having worked personally with thousands of young girls and women on subjects ranging from drugs and violence to self-respect and self-determination, Yasmin has been gathering material for her unique and powerful empowerment programs for many years. Recently, Yasmin has been devoting her time to her speaking tours, visiting universities, non-profit organizations and corporations. As a highly sought out consultant, advisor and coach, Yasmin divides her time between her home in Los Angeles, CA and Latin America. Yasmin is the single mother of an empowered 11-year-old daughter, Divina.


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