“Yasmin Davidds delivers a profound and compelling message of empowerment. She tells all women to not allow cultural expectations to confine nor define them. She teaches them to live by what they believe and to leave the rest behind.”
~Congressman Xavier Becerra


“Yasmin’s books are a “must read” for anyone who wants to be empowered”
~Betty Cortina, Editorial Director, LATINA MAGAZINE


“Yasmin is just amazing. Her life story is so powerful…..and she is so honest. I love reading her books; I can relate with so much of what she writes about.”
~Mauricio Mendoza and Ruth Livier “Resurrection Blvd”

“I will not forget the lessons you taught me. Your valuable insights about personal empowerment and self-love touched every women in that room!”
~T.R., Owner of America Cup Espresso Bars


“Thank you Yasmin, you are absolutely wonderful. You are an angel that has come into my life to help me move into the next chapter of my life. Before I open a new door I have to close the door behind me. Thank you so much, you are the best!”
~I.I., Owner and CEO of O&I Relocation

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and extensive experiences. You inspire Latinas like myself to reach for the stars. Gracias por todo su apoyo!”
~N.R., Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles

“Thank you for your palabras on life, Latina old-world ideas and the strength to overcome them. You have strengthened the lives of so many other women. Your words have motivated me to open myself up to my colleagues and clients, to help each of us move toward our goals.”
~E.M., HIV Case Manager Familias Unidas

“I am sure you have met many women during your conferences and might not remember me. I have carried your business card around with me for a while; it gives me strength. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. You just keep being yourself, the world needs more leaders with courageous hearts like yours.”
~V.C., San Diego, CA

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise with the Mujeres in the program. Given the caliber of professionalism that you represent, we truly appreciate your knowledge. Know that your wisdom will continue to grow, as we pass the message that you have given us to others that may use the information to move forward the Latina agenda in this nation.”
~J.E., HOPE Leadership Institute

“I can’t wait to have your book in my hands, I feel in control of my life again after reading the chapter you shared with us. I feel like your book has already began to transform my life.”

“I want to buy 10 copies of your book. I want to give one to my mom, tia, sisters, cousins and any Latina who wants to take control of her life.”
~L.V., Women Crisis Center

“I’ve witnessed first hand Mrs. Davidds ability to personally reach out and positively influence many Latinas. Her outreach has had a life altering impact and her book solidifies this process. She is a much needed catalyst for the future empowerment of not only Latinas but all women.”
~Profesora Lucas; Southwestern College, U.S.A.


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